Introducing Angel the MinPin

Angel HowlMeet Angel the MinPin! In the fur and as Angel's cartoon alter ego. Angel is your "Secret Web-Pin" on the Internet! He has all sortz of "Pin Antics" and other exciting hap"PIN"ings for you as Angel is working to reach the "Pin"-acle of his new Web career.
Angel doesn't believe that Min-Pins get enough respect. Too many fluffy Retrievers, Muggley Pugs, Mud Poodles, Illegal Beagles and other dogs that get all the attention. Angels out too change all that and make a few converts along the way.
Angel says, check me out and find out how cool a MinPin can beAngel says, "enjoy my website everyone and learn all about me, Angel the MinPin and what I have planned for all my fans. We'll have Slideshows, Videos, Children's Stories ... and many surprises ... like Pin-Puns. Pin-Puns? What's a Pin-Pun?  You'll see ..."
So, check me out ... I'll keep you in stitches and make you smile! You can even follow my "Pin-Antics" at Twitter. I don't just Tweet, I "Howl!"  And we'll have you howling and laughing too.
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